Tacos Catering Houston a company of Tacosto2, Call Today!! **832.301.7060** Taquizas for parties and events, 100% Tacos and Fresh Meat, Buffet Catering Mexican Tacos quality, price, and excellent service !!! food truck catering wedding

Tacos Catering Houston Enjoy your party and your guests, take care of tacos and elegantly served in buffet type catering service. Taquizas at home in Houston and Dallas.



Tacos Catering Houston  a company of Tacosto2, Call Today!! 832.301.7060 service contract Taquizas with taco vendors for parties and events, 100% Tacos and Fresh Meat, Meat Buffet Catering Mexican 4 Tacos quality, price, and excellent service !!!


We are fans of Mexican food we lived in Monterrey and we love to eat tacos in rich homemade taco street and our family made investments in the business of tacos and Mexican food after many years, we settled in dallas texas after a break I decided to continue Address the business of Tacos using high quality ingredients and traditional Mexican flavor and the authentic recipe that has been locked away for many years.

The success of our business Tacos Catering Houston for parties and events is our buffet style service and quality of our meats, we use 100% Fresh Meat never frozen or mixed carry what you order and pay, our staff provides the best service in your home, business, home and office.
We love Tacos for its taste and tradition of our Mexican community, no compatriot who do not eat tacos, and if La Taquizas much better with our craft distinctive flavor produced under the most demanding standards of quality and hygiene.


The Taquizas are Mexicans and we work opportunities for different people of different nationalities the opportunity to meet Mexican cuisine and the quality of customer service is our priority.
The taste of our tacos can generate addiction to our Tacos for its exquisite taste.
Our service for family gatherings, business meeting and events birthdays, weddings, baby showers, baptisms, celebrations of promotions, 15 years old, holidays, you are free from worries fortunately for you, this La Taquizas Catering!

We have several options to alleviate their concerns, we have enough variety to satisfy all our customers, our catering buffets fajita, Pastor, Steak, Chicken Fajita, is not simply a taquiza is something different and special Taquizas Buffets traditional decorated tables style Mexico and bufeteras that keep food warm while they are prepared in the same place but in a different line thus giving realze to your event as large companies at low prices.
All foods are fresh and high quality we care about our suppliers to provide us with products of the highest quality and freshness. Tacos Catering Houston


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